snitchingscars: Pushing them away (Smoke♪ And all those years you wasted)
Jamie Dodger ([personal profile] snitchingscars) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-28 08:20 pm (UTC)

be warned i will actually take you up on that to infinity

"City. Yeah. The City of Rapture." Roll credits.

At the very least, even drunk off his ass Dodger has a knack for noticing details. He glances at the waterlogged cigarettes, and pauses as if considering whether he really cares enough to help, before offering the half-smoked cigarette in his mouth to the other man. He considers that a neutral option.

"Tell you what, though - once you've got all the seawater outta your lungs, it wouldn't be too hard to steal some clothes and a bite to eat." He pauses, "And if you run across any more gigglewater I might call that payment for being your tour guide."

At least, it would give him something to do. He has to admit he's curious.

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