snitchingscars: You're gonna see the light (Thinking‚ô™ That someday)
Jamie Dodger ([personal profile] snitchingscars) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-29 12:59 am (UTC)

"Is it?"

It's news to him too. It's probably been months since he was keeping track of time. It barely matters anyway. Every day is a new opportunity to either struggle for survival or die. That's what his life boils down to.

"Listen.. the longer you stay here the less it matters whether it's even day or night. Give it a year or two and you'll stop caring if it's 1958 or 1925." He tries to drink from his bottle again, but it's empty. And without a warning he throws it and smashes it beside him.

Barely anyone even glances up.

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