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Tim W█████ ([personal profile] postictal) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-29 03:03 am (UTC)

"These days?" he repeats, struggling to keep the edge of panic from his voice. Somehow he doubts the revelation that he's from some fifty years in the future is going to sit well with his drunk acquaintance.

He was never good at history. His only vague idea of what American life was like in the 50's probably came from the old movies Brian rented and tried to sit him down to watch. He scrambles frantically for any kind of information, anything remotely plausible.

"The economy," he blurts without thinking, "is, um - it's, it's really bad. People charging ridiculous amounts for, you know, just a pack of cigarettes or something. Prices going up."

Great Depression? No, that was the twenties, wasn't it? Fuck, he doesn't know.

"Lots of - crime." Does it sound like he's making shit up? Hopefully this guy is too drunk to care. If he's been away from the - fuck, from the surface for a while, maybe he has no idea what it's like either. "Police are totally out of their league."

What use he can be. Well, he's accustomed to being used, he can say that much. Granted, he was only used in recent memory because of the specific kind of information he happened to have on him, and he doubts - god but he hopes - that kind of thing will be no use here.

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