postictal: (that boy needs therapy)
Tim W█████ ([personal profile] postictal) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-31 04:06 pm (UTC)

He's supposed to be a liar, isn't he? But fuck if he knows anything about history. He's not smart, he's not a scientist. The only halfway useful thing about him is an apparent talent for self-preservation.

He wavers. Then he shakes his head, and something in the back of his brain just goes, fuck it. What's it matter if the guy can't verify it?

"The Internet," he says. "Kind of a - open-access network, like a hub of information anyone can just tap into if they've got, like, a phone or something. Or, uh, here."

He digs his own phone out of his pocket. A hopeful press of the button yields nothing - he made sure to get something waterproof after the last time, but a lengthy swim through the ocean seems to have been too much for the little black rectangle.

It's useless like this. He offers it to the other man hopefully.

"Broken, now. I guess the water killed it."

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