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The wharfs may not be as luxurious as most of the living areas catering to Rapture’s upper-class, but there’s something to be said about the restaurants and taverns available to the workers here. Newcomers might even be able to snag work, though there seems to be a certain wariness to many of the employers and employees alike. Whispers of smugglers and contraband pervade even casual conversation. Anyone who’s been in the city for longer than a minute has probably heard the name that’s on everyone’s lips these days - 'Fontaine.' And sure enough, Fontaine Fisheries has its own vital spot in the port’s economy.

The Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern is open to the visitors, and anyone desperate for a place to stay might even be able to bargain for a room. Neptune’s Bounty isn’t the most well-to-do one can do for oneself, but it makes no lies about what it is.

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