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Iman Asadi ([personal profile] etherthief) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-25 08:32 pm (UTC)

Lord but did she need those four drinks.

It's been a very long, very mind-numbing month since she arrived here and became welcomed into Fontaine's grotesque fold of indentured scientists. She had a lot to offer the bastard and in return for selling her soul she got herself a sweet flat in Olympus Heights, for all the good that does her. Mercury Suites is a swell place to live and all but they don't do taverns like Neptune's Bounty does.

Fighting McDonagh's has been her second home for a while now, while she attempts to drown her sorrows. Never was it so hard to drown something in the goddamn ocean.

It's early yet but she doesn't think she can stay put any longer. Needs to be on the move. Keep swimming or she'll die. Something like that.

She departs to the wet, fish-smelling open air - sort of - of Neptune's Bounty, walking steadily enough. She moves her gaze around slowly, scanning the people around her for no particular reason other than to reinforce her feeling of isolation. No one else has appeared as she did, not to her knowledge. Rapture ain't kind to foreigners, and she is as foreign as any of them will get.

Her stomach jolts and drops when she spots Rush. Rude. She sees his face all the time, his hunched shoulders, his scraggly hair, but this is really uncanny, it's really-

It's really him.

No. Yes. Yes.

"Rush-!" she cries, abandoning all desire to blend in, abandoning everything, because fuck it, fuck it all. She runs to him, actually runs like in an airport in a movie, and throws her arms around the sorry bastard. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she says feverishly, clinging to him all the same. She knows he'll smell the alcohol on her and maybe that'll incline him toward lenience even as she breaks his very clearly dictated personal boundaries. "I didn't think I'd ever - I thought I was-"

His patience with this display is no doubt up but she can't seem to let go, like if she lets go he'll disappear.

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