rapturenpc: (fontaine)
Rapture NPC ([personal profile] rapturenpc) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-24 06:23 pm (UTC)

He watches her like she's a particularly fascinating specimen, glimpsing that flicker of unease over her features as she struggles to rein herself in. Emotional, volatile. The Kraut was a refreshing display compared to that, all stony and locked down, monotone and darkly focused to the point of unease, but those drawbacks are all secondary compared to the results she's drawn in. ADAM. Little Sisters. Old Tenenbaum's an asset, he can give her that.

"I'm sure he would," he says, even and languorous. "I'm also sure he'd lock you up as some greedy little parasite. Rapture's king, and more paranoid than he'll ever admit. You can trust me on that."

He extends a hand, offering a faint upward tick of one side of his mouth. Cute, thinking she can talk back, thinking he's some slimy nobody at the bottom of the Great Chain. But she's a topsider Ryan don't know about just yet, and he'll take anything that will put him one step ahead of the old bastard.

"The name's Fontaine," he says. "You say you're so smart? What say I offer you a better deal than working for Mr. Ryan's dying regime."

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