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Iman Asadi ([personal profile] etherthief) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-24 06:44 pm (UTC)

Her eyebrows lift and she straightens up a little. Now he's talking. It galls her to admit it, but now he is talking.

Of course, "rewriting genetics" and "changing history" is generally the worst when coming from someone like him. But she's not going to look too closely. Can't afford to. Too much of a coward. Something like that. When her world comes crashing down, scientific endeavors have always been there to help pick her up. Usually ill-advised ones.

"I'm no biologist," she says, "but I've worked with body modification, if that's what you're talking about. Organic engineering, to some extent. Mostly mechanical, but..."

Well, what's he going to do, pry her arm off and try to sell it? He might do, but he'd be dead before he finished. The time for being cautious is over before it began. She's trapped at the bottom of the ocean and as far as she's concerned, he's the only man down here. He seems the type to either dog her or report her if she doesn't play along.

So she opens her hand, and then she opens her fingers. Precise, delicate little tools extending outward from the open shell of her digits, lovingly re-crafted into the overall mechanism with Rush's invaluable assistance. All of it back to the way it was. Just in time for her to vanish and leave everyone behind.

Maybe this is punishment anew. They fixed her, and the Rift wanted to make sure she didn't use that on it again.

"I'm not unaccustomed to changing the world, either," she says, fixing him with a droll gaze as she closes her arm back up. "Does that interest you?"

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