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Rapture NPC ([personal profile] rapturenpc) wrote in [community profile] rapturecity 2015-10-24 07:21 pm (UTC)

The elevator slides down, and the ornate glass doors rattle open. Fontaine steps back and opens a hand in a neutral 'ladies first' gesture.

"Ryan wants his elite utopia, but what happens when someone beats the man at his own game?" He smirks dryly, coldly, his eyes hard. "He takes them out. He brings them down to lower than they've ever been. So he's got the market on oxygen and entertainment and travel, and anything else that makes this great city tick. But Fontaine Futuristics? We've got ourselves a hard patent on genetics."

He waits for her to cross the threshold before entering and hitting the button with two fingers. The elevator shudders to life, then begins moving smoothly upward. The red-carpeted welcome center grows ever distant as they ascend higher and higher into Rapture's splendor.

"You ever want to shoot flame from your fingertips?" He snaps his fingers once. "Or stop a speeding bullet with your mind? Then I got one word for you, miss: ADAM."

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